2006 - The Moira Anderson Foundation

This years charitable contribution is being chosen by our other division Clarke UK, in Glasgow, Scotland. Clarke UK chose the Moira Anderson Foundation. This foundation is a national charity set up in Scotland to assist children and families affected by child sexual abuse and support those individuals whose cases progress through the legal system. 

The donation is to be used to expand on a local training program called the 'Safe Hands' campaign. The training promotes Protective Behaviours for everyone in the community. The Clarke donation has been used to develop this campaign. In summary adults who have been trained on Protective Behaviours -- 890. (This is mainly made up of teaching and care professionals working with young children or vulnerable young adults.) Eight hundred ninety nine children and young people, who have received direct assembly talks or been involved in workshops. The other main target was the design and development of user-friendly booklets on the messages of "Safe Hands" for all age groups. 

The remaining part of the donation went towards supporting training delivery, school assemblies, and presentation talks with distribution of the "Safe Hands" key rings and packs with pencils, rulers, & badges. As well as helping with the cost of the publication of the Clarke sponsored educational resource packs. (The back cover page of the booklet states, "This booklet is sponsored by Clarke UK, Fire Protection Products.) 

Warm thanks has been extended to the Clarke organization from everyone at the Moira Anderson Foundation, involved in the 'Safe Hands' project. 

Please visit the Moira Anderson Foundation website at: http://www.moiraanderson.org/