In 2009 Clarke Power Services, Inc. chose the Boonslick School of greater St. Louis for their annual charitable contribution. The Boonslick School is part of the Missouri State Schools for the Severely Disabled. The school currently serves students from seven surrounding school districts that have been diagnosed with mental disabilities, along with several other medical and physical disabilities. The school works to develop skills such as walking, eating, communicating basic needs and wants.

Eric Rozwodowski, Mike Dowling, Scott Brady and Nick Weidlich were in attendance to present the award to Principal Bryan Blackford, his staff and student body. We were able to tour the facility and see firsthand the care these students receive from the teachers and specialists. The gift Clarke presented is going to be used to fund a Technology Learning Lab. The Lab would be the first of its kind in the Missouri State Schools for the Severely Disabled school system. According to Principal Blackford, the lab could be used as a model for other schools in the system. The Learning Lab would include technology to include Smart Boards, accessible computers, computer aided communication devices, digital movement equipment, visually stimulating walls, and furnishings for the room. The school currently does not have any of this technology for students and did not have the funds necessary to provide the equipment. The gift from Clarke will enable this to become a reality. 

The staff and students presented us with a warm welcome and large banner signed by the staff and students that reads, “ Boonslick Thanks You, You Light Up our Day”. 

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