Allison AT MT Maintenance & Overhaul

The following description refers to the four courses below:

Course                 Allison AT500 & MT600 Combined                                     Maintenance/Overhaul
Duration              5 Days
Code                    TT-AM-OH01-0LEG
Prerequisites       None

Course                   Allison HT700 Maintenance
Duration                2 Days
Code                      TT-HT-MA01-0LEG
Prerequisites         None

                 Allison HT700 Overhaul
Duration              2 Days
Code                    TT-HT-OH01-0LEG
Prerequisites       None

                 Allison AT/MT/HT Maintenance
Duration               3 Days
Code                     TT-AMH-ST01-0LEG
Prerequisites        None

Allison Transmission Product Training is supporting a Instructor Led Training presentation combining maintenance and overhaul topics for AT500 and MT600 transmissions.  The presentation requires hands-on lab use of an AT545 and an MT600 (4 or 5 speed) transmission.  Training topics include planetary gear and clutch theory, power flows, torque converter theory, and valve body component description/operation.  Lab activities include group teardown/rebuild/assembly with a focus on component comparisons between the two models.  Technicians successfully completing the training receive credit for completion of the following Allison E-Learn Training Paths:

  • AT500 Maintenance
  • AT500 Overhaul
  • MT600 Maintenance
  • MT600 Overhaul