A Cost-Effective Alternative to Reinvesting In Your Fleet

For vocational and on-highway fleets, gliders and refurbishments (refurbs) offer cost-effective and fuel-efficient alternatives to buying new or used trucks. In each case, our expert team repairs or replaces parts of the truck to extend the life of its specialized functionality. Both options allow fleet owners to reinvest in their equipment for a fraction of the cost.

Clarke Heavy Duty assembles and refurbs equipment that is customized and effective – with quality guaranteed.


With Clarke Gliders, you can add new life to your fleet at a cost that fits your budget. Our glider kits blend the best of what’s new with what’s great about legacy vehicles.

Gliders are built from remanufactured parts of “donor” trucks that are combined with brand new pieces – such as the cab – to create a like-new vehicle. The Clarke Gliders team can work with older trucks from your fleet or help identify “donor” trucks from other sources to deliver huge savings vs. buying new.

We work with a range of Freightliner models, including:

  • Columbia
  • Coronado
  • Western Star

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Refurbs let you keep the equipment you’re familiar with at a huge cost savings vs. buying new, and the equipment will be entirely as functional and long-lasting as a new unit.

We're experienced in a variety of equipment, especially:

  • Terminal tractors
  • Piggy backs
  • Delivery trucks 

Our refurbs are also completely customizable. We'll work with you to determine exactly what you need, and build your refurb to your custom specifications. 

Regardless of the condition of your equipment when it enters our shop, our custom refurbishing will have it looking and working like new.

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Specialty Equipment

We work with vehicles in all trucking vocations. We don't just refurb the trucks; we can do the accessory equipment, too.

We'll rebuild your specialty vehicles and equipment to your custom specifications, providing you durable equipment you can rely on for many years to come.

Clarke Specialty can help with your industry-specific equipment, such as:

  • Utility
  • Waste Management
  • Shredder
  • Tree & Lawn Services
  • Construction
  • Airport 

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