Series 60 Major Repair Sign Up

Location: Wentzville
Date: 9/13/2022 - 9/16/2022
Fee: $1900.00
Available Seats: 6

This three day course includes classroom lectures and practical hands on exercises for a DDC Series 60 engine.

Pre-Requisites:  The following list are the courses and exams that must be completed prior to attending the Series 60 Major Repair instructor-led training class:

  • S60 Product Intro Fuel
  • S60 Product Intro Cooling
  • S60 Product Intro Air-Intake
  • S60 Product Intro Lube
  • S60 Product Intro Tune-Up
  • S60 Maintenance
  • DDEC Reports
  • Basic Diagnostics

**Technicians that have taken the following combinations do not have to take Major Repair V2

  • Pre EGR (1439) + '04 Update (8879)
  • Pre EGR (1439) + '02/'04 Update (8863)
  • '04 Major Repair (8893)
  • The following material will be covered in the course:
  • Discuss how and when to contact the Customer Support Center
  • Demonstarte how to navigate the Power Service Literature
  • Discuss the engine model number designation
  • Identify the serial number locations
  • Identify the fuel system flow
  • Identify the cooling system flow
  • Identify the oil system flow
  • Identify the air intake system flow
  • Identify the EGR system flow
  • Understand the Jake brake
  • Understand the cylinder head, valves, injectors, and rocker assemblies
  • Understand the camshaft and camshaft gear
  • Understand the geartrain timing and lash variation
  • Understand the idler gear
  • Understand the bull gear 
  • Understand the piston, connecting rod, and connecting rod bearing
  • Understand the crankshaft and crankshaft gear
  • Understand the main oil seal
  • Understand the water pump
  • Understand the EGR cooler
  • Understand the how to use special tools
  • Perform a tune-up
  • Perform camshaft end play
  • Verify camshaft timing
  • Perform block flatness check
  • Check liner bore inner dimensions
  • Check main journal inner dimensions
  • Check crankshaft runout
  • Check crankshaft end play
  • Check liner protrusion


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