Detroit Diesel HD Fuel Diagnostics Sign Up

Location: Wentzville
Date: 12/5/2023 - 12/8/2023
Fee: $1900.00
Available Seats: 4

The Detroit Diesel DD HD engine fuel system diagnostics four day ILT Course is designed to give students an understanding of the fuel systems with an emphasis on diagnostics.

 Students are required to have previously attended the DD HD Engine Diagnostics class, DD HD Engine Major Repair class, along with the respective web based courses and exams prior to attending this class.

The material that will be covered in this class includes the following:

  • Software Tools              
    • DL enhancements
    • New DL service routines
    • Active faults displayed in DL
    • Fault code changes
    • DL fault code troubleshooting
    • DDEC reports
  • Fuel system
    • Evolution of the fuel system
    • Gen1 (KM59) design overview
    • Gen2 (KM63) design overview
    • Gen 5 (KM80) design overview
    • ContiTech fuel lines
    • Filtration components
    • Proper priming procedures
    • Mechanical and electronic service routine diagnostics
    • Manual Fuel System Integrity Check (FSIC)
    • Auto Fuel System Integrity Check (FSIC
    • Fuel system test E
    • System changes by engine platform
  • Electronic Changes
  • Electronic hardware changes
  • Service routines / Panels


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