Detroit Diesel HD Basic Diagnostics Sign Up

Location: Wentzville
Date: 6/6/2023 - 6/9/2023
Fee: $1900.00
Available Seats: 0

The Detroit Diesel DD15 Engine Diagnostics class goes for 3 days and is designed to give students a review of the DD15 engine sub systems along with real world failure modes and analysis.

Pre-Requisites: The following are the web-based courses and exams that must be completed prior to attending the instructor-led training class for the DD15 Engine Diagnostic course:

  • Product Intro-Introduction
  • Product Intro-Fuel
  • Product Intro-Cooling
  • Product Intro-Air
  • Product Intro-Lubrication
  • Product Intro-Tune-Up
  • DDEC Reports
  • 2007 Aftertreatment
  • 2007 Basic Diagnostics
  • DD15 Major Repair ILT Class
  • DD15 Maintenance

**You must attend the DD15 Major Repair class.

The material that will be covered in class includes the following:

  • EGR System
  • How the system normally operates
  • EGR Actuator related codes
  • How to use the SRA3 Status code to help identify an issue
  • Delta Pressure sensor normal operation
  • Delta Pressure sensor related issues
  • Expected values during normal Boost to EGR mode transitions
  • Analyzing Log files to determine failure mode
  • Aftertreatment System
  • Description of operation
  • Component review/description
  • Lamp/Indicator review/description
  • Regen Strategy
  • Regen Process
    • Log file review of an over road regen
    • Log file review of a parked regen
  • Regen related issues
    • Temperature control concerns
    • Fuel pressure related concerns
    • DPF pressure related concerns
  • Fuel System
  • Description of Operation
  • Component review/description
  • Review of flow diagram
  • Fuel System Tools
  • Fuel System Pressures
    • Normal
    • Various failure modes
  • Using the air pressure testing tools
  • Review all fuel system DDDL parameters
  • Review DDDL fuel system panels
    • Leakage Panel
    • Quantity Control Valve
    • PLV Counter
  • Various AVI files using the leakage panel
  • Symptom based diagnostics
    • Crank no start
    • Long crank times
  • Electronics
  • Schematic Review
    • MCM
    • CPC
    • ATD
  • Sensor Review & Exercises
  • Vehicle Electronics (Cascadia Chassis)
    • CPC Locations
    • MCM Locations
    • SAM Modules
    • Engine Starting
    • Mega Fuse Junction Block
    • Ground Wire Return System
  • Mechanical Trouble Shooting
    • Camshaft Timing Issues
    • Fan Control Issues


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