Detroit Diesel HD Basic Diagnostics Sign Up

Location: Wentzville
Date: 10/10/2023 - 10/13/2023
Fee: $1900.00
Available Seats: 2

The Detroit Diesel DD HD Engine Diagnostics four day ILT course is designed to give students an understanding of the DD HD engine sub systems along with real world failure modes and analysis.

Pre-Requisites: All DD HD web-based courses and exams that must be completed prior to attending the instructor-led training class.

The material that will be covered in class includes the following:

  • EGR System
  • How the system normally operates
  • EGR Actuator related codes
  • How to use the SRA3 Status code to help identify an issue
  • Delta Pressure sensor normal operation
  • Delta Pressure sensor related issues
  • Expected values during normal Boost to EGR mode transitions
  • Analyzing Log files to determine failure mode
  • Aftertreatment System
  • Description of operation
  • Component review/description
  • Lamp/Indicator review/description
  • Regen Strategy
  • Regen Process
    • Log file review of an over road regen
    • Log file review of a parked regen
  • Regen related issues
    • Temperature control concerns
    • Fuel pressure related concerns
    • DPF pressure related concerns
  • Fuel System
  • Description of Operation
  • Component review/description
  • Review of flow diagram
  • Fuel System Tools
  • Fuel System Pressures
    • Normal
    • Various failure modes
  • Using the air pressure testing tools
  • Review all fuel system DDDL parameters
  • Review DDDL fuel system panels
    • Leakage Panel
    • Quantity Control Valve
    • PLV Counter
  • Various AVI files using the leakage panel
  • Symptom based diagnostics
    • Crank no start
    • Long crank times
  • Electronics
  • Schematic Review
    • MCM
    • CPC
    • ATD
  • Sensor Review & Exercises
  • Vehicle Electronics (Cascadia Chassis)
    • CPC Locations
    • MCM Locations
    • SAM Modules
    • Engine Starting
    • Mega Fuse Junction Block
    • Ground Wire Return System
  • Mechanical Trouble Shooting
    • Camshaft Timing Issues


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